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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

St. Augustine’s Church, Northbourne, Kent

The same day that my friend and I visited St Mary The Virgin Church, Woodnesborough we also visited St. Augustine’s Church in Northbourne. I first found this Church back in January while I was trying to find Northbourne Parish Hall where we were due to go for a pantomime, but at that time I was unable to go into the Church.

Beautiful winter sunshine, showing the church off to the best advantage.

The weather vane.

St Augustine’s was built in the 12th Century in the cruciform shape, and is believed to have been built on the site of an older Saxon Church. The setting of this church is lovely, there is a large churchyard surrounding this pretty little church, and the entrance doorway has a lovely Tympanum (as seen on the church of St. Nicholas at Bafrestone and the church of St Mary in Betteshanger) which can be seen when you enter the porch, which I think is probably a much later addition.

Inside the porch.

The entrance door showing the Tympanum above.

Beautiful weathered door at the back of the church.

The Lady Chapel is situated in one of the ‘arms’ of the cross has a wonderful marble statue of Sir Edwin Sandys and his wife. Sir Edwin helped to start the East India Company, and was involved in establishing the State of Virginia in 1607.

The Sir Edmund Sandys memorial statue.

The marble Altar.

The other ‘arm’ of the cross is totally taken up by a very large organ, and the only stained glass windows I could see are situated behind the organ! Undeterred by that, I managed to get behind the organ to get some photos!

The marble Altar is beautiful, and looking from the back of the Church to the Altar is a lovely sight, but sadly looking from the Altar to the back of the Church the view is not quite so pretty, and we both agreed that the feeling of the Church is quite different from St. Marys in Woodnesborough.

Looking towards the Altar from the back of the church.

The beautiful roof at the back of the building.

Looking to the back of the church from the Altar, the organ is in the alcove on the right, the Lady Chapel is in the alcove on the left.

Every church evolves over the centuries, and there is almost a feeling that what must have been a very beautiful church has at some time has not been loved as much as it should have been. These country churches are all different, many still have thriving congregations, as does this one, and I for one am very pleased that we can still visit such amazing buildings that have stood for over 900 years.


The marble Altar carvings were so beautiful, they deserved a photo each Smile



  1. Lovely post Val , just love looking around these Church.
    Thank you for sharing with us xx