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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Hutong Lunch

Looking at The Lama Temple from the Hutong, more about the Temple in my next blog.

Strolling along the Hutong.

After such a lovely day at the Ming Tombs, we decided to go to the Lama Temple the next day, we also had a few other things on the agenda like present buying, so we decided that, after a fairly late start to the day, we ought to go for lunch first. Alice knew of a Hutong with a lovely restaurant right next to the temple so off we went. A Hutong is the name for a narrow street, lined with traditional Courtyard Houses. Courtyard houses are as they sound, there were four houses built in a square with a courtyard in the centre. The entrances to these courtyard houses are often very beautiful and highly decorated gateways.

Beautifully decorated entrances to the Courtyard Houses

Another example of a Courtyard doorway

Once again it was a very hot day, and we wondered down the Hutong, taking in the sights. We found the Restaurant Alice had spoken about but unfortunately it was closed. Alice knew there was a restaurant selling Western food further down the Hutong, so we decided to go there instead. I was of course taking photos as we went, and I saw this:

I did my usual ‘Ooooh that is pretty’ to which Alice replied ‘Good because this is our restaurant!’

We entered into a beautiful tree shaded courtyard, laid out with tables and chairs, and even better we were the only ones there. The four buildings surrounded the courtyard and they were all part of the Restaurant.

We made ourselves at home in the shade under the trees, ordered our food and iced drinks and just soaked up the atmosphere, which was just so relaxing.

Looking through the restaurant to the Hutong.

Of course I had a wander around and took photos, on the bar counter I found this little lovely little Cockatiel, enjoying a bit of fresh air in the shade.

He was beautiful, but the owner told Alice that he bit, so we didn’t get too close!

Above one of the buildings was a roof terrace, so I had to go and have a look.

The pretty little rooftop terrace

Looking over the rooftops from the terrace.

Alice sitting in the courtyard below.

Fruit on the trees, but I have no idea what it was!

The food was excellent, I had a lovely freshly baked pizza and Alice had an amazing salmon dish.

This was a beautiful place to have lunch, and we left well fed to go and visit The Lama Temple, which will be my next blog.


  1. Oh my that Dish looks yummy Val and that Pizza!
    That seating are looks wonderful my kind of place .
    Love that shot of Alice in the Courtyard
    Hugs Sheila x

  2. Thanks Sheila, it was definitely my kind of place :D x