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Monday, 25 August 2014

The Forbidden City revisited


This is one of three blogs about the Forbidden City. Followers of my blog will remember my first visit to the Forbidden City way back in 2011. Check out my blog of June 2011 if you want to refresh your memory Smile 





I have the same photo taken last time I was here on the bridge, but believe me it is just one of those places that just begs to have its photo taken again!!



I had said to Alice that I wouldn’t mind going back to the Forbidden City if we had the time, as it happened Alice also wanted to go back. We both wanted to see different things in the city, and I felt that last time I was there we had just scraped the surface of this beautiful place.





We intended setting off early, but that did not happen, but at least it had cooled off a bit for our visit, it was only 29 degrees that day! We asked the taxi driver to take us to the Forbidden City, but he dropped us at we thought was the North Gate into the City. We were outside the walls of the city with the moat surrounding the city. Neither of us had seen the moat so it was nice to see. We could see that if we walked alongside the wall we would eventually get to the South Gate (opposite Tiananmen Square) which is the only entrance to the City, so we meandered slowly along by the City Wall. We had not gone very far and were expecting a long walk to the gate, when we came upon an entrance to the City. We had, in fact, been dropped by the West Gate, so entered the entrance courtyard by this gate which took us to the ticket offices bypassing the Tiananmen Square gate.




I think it is fair to say that The Forbidden City simply takes your breath away with its beauty, it size, and the feeling of history that can be found there. Being July there were a lot more visitors than the last time I was there, and sadly for Alice the main buildings were not open, so she still has not seen inside the Halls that I saw on my last visit! Our main aim this visit was the Nine Dragon Wall which I wanted to see, and the Gallery of Clocks and Watches that Alice wanted to see so we headed to the lesser buildings in the East of the City. I am unable to name any of the buildings I took photos of, so hope you will forgive me for that, and just enjoy the photos as they are. We still have not seen all of the City, maybe if I go back to Beijing again one day, we will see even more of this fantastic place. Hopefully there won’t be quite so many people next time Smile






There will be separate blogs on the Nine Dragon Wall and the Clock Gallery in following blogs, but for now I hope you will enjoy the re-visit to the wonderful Forbidden City.





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