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Friday, 13 November 2015

Canterbury Cathedral, and a Concert :)

Outside The Marlowe Theatre.

Earlier in the year my friend and I were lucky enough to buy tickets to see Justin Hayward perform at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.

Statues outside the main entrance of the Cathedral.

Doorways in the Cloister.

We got to the venue too early, and as it was a lovely July evening, we decided to walk round to Canterbury Cathedral before the concert started.

The ceiling in the Cloister.

Entry to the Cathedral and Grounds was free at that time, but there was a Service being held in the Cathedral, so we just wandered round the outside of the building, finding our way to the Cloisters, and from there on to the ruins behind the Cathedral.

It was lovely amongst the ruins, so peaceful.

I believe the ruins are the remains of some of the Monastic Buildings, dating back centuries, but I have been unable to identify exactly which buildings they are.

Beautiful arches.

The second set of pillars from the left are very worn.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the grounds, and made our way back in time to the Theatre to enjoy a fantastic concert from Justin Hayward, with backing from Mike Dawes, who is an extremely talented young guitarist, and Julie Ragins.

The archway leads into the Kings School I think.

A fantastic evening all round Open-mouthed smile

Leaving the Cathedral on our way back to the Theatre Smile


  1. Lovely shots Val sounds like a good all rounder. Hope the theatre as I,m sure it was..a great evening.

    1. Thanks Sheila, we had a lovely time all round, photos were not allowed in the Theatre, but we were right up at the front, and sang along and danced :D Justin Hayward has always been one of my favourite singers, and wow, can he sing :D