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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Back in April we had to say a very say Goodbye to our lovely old cat Misty, who was the good age of 16 and a half, she was much loved and missed terribly by us all.

Merlin sitting up, Loki is lying down.

We had said that we would not have another cat, well my husband did anyway! My son and I had other ideas, so after a lot of discussion we thought of getting an older cat, and definitely no kittens!

Loki, he was so small.

Merlin was tiny too Smile

My son Joe and I went to various Cat Sanctuaries with no luck, especially as we were looking for a long haired older cat.

I like lying on shoes and playing with them.

I like my Mum’s knee Smile

Finally we paid a visit to our local, very lovely Kingsdown Cat Sanctuary. I had already been in touch with Clare,the owner, asking about a long haired older cat, but there were none available. My son thought it would be a good idea to ‘go and see’ anyway.

Sleepy kittens Smile

We were looking at a couple of tiny kittens when one of the helpers pointed out that there were two more kittens in the pens on the other side of the garden, we went to have a look and I was handed a beautiful fluffy black and white kitten. It was love at first sight on my behalf, so we asked about adopting him. Clare wanted the two kittens to be adopted together, and we just could not say ‘No’.

Merlin and Loki have now been with us for about 6 weeks, they are adorable kittens, and have made our home feel complete again.

Here is looking forward to another fun filled 16 years or so with our fur babies Open-mouthed smile



  1. What cute fur babies. Val my dh looks after about 14 feral cats. He feeds and houses them . We try to do fundraisers to spay or neuter them as well. We will take 2 kittens into town to be adopted so they won't be homeless like their parents. It's really sad that one can just dump a cat to fend for itself.

    1. Well done to your DH, there are far too many kittens and cats that are homeless :( All of our cats have been adopted from Rescue Centres, and all of them have been very special cats :)

  2. I love fur babies <3 yours are adorable to say the least! Good for you for giving these two beautiful babies a good home!

    1. Thank you Silvana :) The boys get more adorable every day, and to have one or two kittens purring on your knee is one of the most lovely things ever :D