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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Dover has been an important port since Roman times, and is now a major ferry port. The town has had varying fortunes, and suffered major damage during WW2, which changed much of the town. The famous castle still stands proudly above the town, and is the towns biggest tourist attraction. I have visited and written about the castle in previous blogs, so decided to share some photos of the town, mostly taken last summer when I was working in the town.

Looking up to the Castle from the Market Square.

Sunbathers on the beach, and two ferries leaving port.

Part of the Saxon Shore Fort, these ruins have been preserved, I was lucky enough to be shown these ruins, and just a few yards away is the Roman Painted House, which is open to the Public. 

The ruins of St.Martin-le-Grand, next to the steps leading up to the Dover Discovery Centre.

Another view of the magnificent Castle.

Shrouded in mist.

Some of the famous 'White Cliffs of Dover', the road that can be seen is Jubilee Way, which takes the traffic to the entrance of the Western Docks.

The Parish Church of St Mary,in the town centre.

Below is the entrance to Cowgate Cemetery, I didn't have time to explore further, but it is on my list of places to visit.

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  1. You can't beat the sight of a magnificent castle overlooking the sea, can you ? Lovely pics as usual ♥