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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Chiddingstone Castle, the Collections

We loved the moustache and beard on this armour, I am sure it must have been very uncomfortable to wear!

Two more amazing sets of armour, designed to scare the wits out of the enemies I think!

Chiddingstone Castle is well known for its amazing collections. Denys Eyre Bower bought the castle in 1955 to show his collections, which in include his Japanese, Ancient Egyptian, Buddhist, Royal Stuart and Jacobite items.

A beautiful inlaid box.

These was amazing, so intricate and very clever.

I love elephants, so had to include this :)

A beautiful lacquer box.

The first room you enter in the Castle houses the Japanese Collection, which consists of some amazing pieces, the suits of armour in particular caught our attention, as did the fantastic Dragon headed sword, inlaid with mother of pearl. 

The Dragon handle, and part of the sword scabbard, inlaid with mother of pearl. The sword is in a large glass cabinet, so I was unable to get a photo of the whole item.

The amazing folding screen in the Library.

The Royal Stuart and Jacobean collection are situated all round the house, below are just some of the amazing paintings we saw.

The children of Charles the First.

Mary, Queen of Scots.

Charles the Second.

The Egyptian Collection has a room to itself, again there are some amazing items, 

A mummy on the landing.

Part of the Egyptian room.

And finally just a few photos of other beautiful items on show

Buddhas :)

One of two beautiful Art Nouveau panels.

A wonderful velvet and silk cape, with bead and lace decoration, in poor condition, but it would have been very beautiful when new.

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