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Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Tudor House, Margate Kent

The Tudor House in Margate is something of a surprise, surrounded as it is by modern buildings. I can remember seeing it from the outside when I was a child, and went round it many years ago, when I am pretty sure there was no furniture inside.

Fireplace in the central room, downstairs.

Common food in Tudor times.

This room with the beautiful carved table is to the left of the main door.

I was lucky enough to win tickets to visit the house during the Big Kent Weekend, so my friend and I visited the house one Sunday afternoon. 

This room is more of a formal room, note the beautiful ceiling, added some time later than the original building of the house.

A lovely room :)

As I said before I am pretty sure that the last time I was there there was no furniture, but now there is furniture and other items in the house, which gives the visitor some idea of how the house could have looked in earlier times.

At the top of the narrow, twisting staircase, looking through to the bedrooms.

 A lovely fireplace in one of the bedrooms, with beautiful carving.

The house dates from the 16th Century and is known as a 'Transitional' House, built when the traditional Hall Houses were changing to more modern two story houses. It is thought to have been a high status house, and at one time was part of a larger estate. At some stage of its history the house was divided into three dwellings, and was bought in the 1930's by Thanet District Council to save it from demolition. In the 1950's the house underwent a careful restoration.

The main bedroom, on the wall behind the table is a photo of the house in very sad repair, before restoration.

Sleeping above the fireplace, I think this was probably the warmest spot in the house.

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed looking round the house, inside and out. After we left there we paid a visit to the amazing Shell Grotto, of which I have written before. We had a lovely afternoon :)

The back of the house.

And round to the front again :)


  1. Beautiful old house - so much history in these walls. I can't imagine a 500+ yr old house. Our oldest one in Aust are only just over 2oo yrs.

  2. Hi Liz, Thank you so much for popping by, and leaving a comment :) We are very lucky here, we do have a lot of lovely old buildings all around, not to mention three Castles, Deal, Walmer and Dover. I love the old buildings and churches too :)

  3. Lovely place great pictures, to think they used to eat Swans !
    Hope all is well with you , enjoy your week ahead.
    Sheila x