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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sandwich Kent - the Quay and the River Stour.

The Barbican, built in the 14th Century, and the Toll Bridge.

Looking towards the Toll Bridge from the Quay at sunset.

The Quay from the Toll Bridge, before the flood defences were built.

I have worked in the beautiful town of Sandwich on and off since I was 18, which is when I started as a Library Assistant in the old Sandwich Library, then situated in Strand Street. The tiny building that the Library was housed in was part of the Sandwich Weavers shop, named for the Dutch weavers who came as refugees to the town during the 16th Century, and dating from that time.
A year after I started working in the old Library the 'new' Library opened in 1973, in its present position in Market Street. It is fair to say that I have spent most of my working life in Sandwich, even though I have left and come back to the Library a few times!

Looking up river, in the general direction of Canterbury.

Sandwich is a lovely little town and is 'the most complete Medieval town in England.' Sandwich Haven was a major port and centre for ship building from the 11th Century until the River Stour silted up, leaving the town some distance from the sea. Some of the Royal Naval ships built in the port in the late 1700's sailed in Nelson's fleet. 

Looking down river towards the Toll Bridge.

As the River Stour has been of such great importance to the Town I have made this the subject of this blog. My photos are from the last 6 years or so, just recently the Quay has had extensive flood defence work done, but most of my photos were taken before that.

'The Matthew' visited the town in 2012, this is an exact replica of John Cabot's ship, in which he sailed to America in 1497. The ship is only 80 feet long, weighs 50 tons, and was crewed by just 19 men in very cramped conditions. The voyage took 50 days and the ship is believed to have landed in Newfoundland.
Over the years I have collected a large number of photos of the town, this blog is the first of a series on the town, which will hopefully show just how unique Sandwich really is.

The new flood defence work on the Quay, a lovely place to visit :)

Fisher Gate, looking through to The Quay.

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  1. I love Sandwich. Chips on the quay, playing frisbee in the park, walking alongside the river . . happy memories :o)