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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sandwich, St. Bartholomew's Chapel

St. Bartholomew's Chapel (known for many years as St. Bart's) is at the centre of what was St Bartholomew's Hospital (Almhouses) in Sandwich. St Bartholomew's Hospital was established in the 11th Century as a hostel for travellers and Pilgrims making their way to Canterbury. There were two other Hospitals in the town, St. Thomas' Hospital originally dating from 1392, but re-built in a new location in 1864 and St. John's Hospital, which was founded in 1287, but was replaced by a row of cottages in 1805. St. Bartholomew's Chapel was built in 1217, which means it will be celebrating its 800th anniversary next year.

The beautiful main door.

Looking towards the main altar, showing the ornate Rood Screen.

The Chapel is now surrounded by 16 Alms Houses, occupied by the elderly of Sandwich. A lovely tradition takes place every year in August when there is a 'bun run' where the children of Sandwich run round the Chapel, to celebrate St. Bartholomew's day. Each child is presented with a bun on completing the circuit, and the adults are presented with a specially baked biscuit with the date 1190 on it.

Looking through to the oldest part of the Church.

The Chapel is just beautiful, and is in regular use for services. On entering the building the sense of peace is very evident.

One of the beautiful stained glass windows.

I believe this is a memorial to the founder of the Chapel.

The gorgeous Lectern, with its feet depicting lions :)

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