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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Ypres Tower, Rye, East Sussex

This week we had a short break in the beautiful town of Rye in East Sussex, staying one night in the beautiful Mermaid Hotel. The weather when we arrived was not very good, so we decided to visit the Ypres Tower.

The Ypres Tower or Rye Castle as it is sometimes called was probably built in the late 14th Century and looks pretty much the same today as when it was first built. In 1430 the tower was leased to John de Ypres, hence it being known as the Ypres Tower, prior to that time it was known as the 'Baddyngs' Tower.

The entrance to one of the tiny cells,

and one of it inhabitants, still in the Gibbet!

For a lot of its history the building has been used as a prison, with room for 9 - 12 prisoners. The cells can still be seen, they are tiny rooms which could hold a few people, although I am not sure where they slept.

In another cell is a display of herbs which at one time would have been growing in the Medieval Garden.

A wonderful old cell door.

A Pie-dieu in the corner of one of the cells.

Climbing the spiral staircase to the first floor.

Another wonderful old oak door, this one leading outside.

There are some nice displays on the first floor, this is part of the Rye Museum. 

This sculpture caught my eye, I am not sure if it is an animal head.

The Medieval Garden where the herbs were grown. In the corner is the tower housing the Victorian Women's Prison.

The entrance to the women's prison,

and inside one of the cells, which was able to hold two women.

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