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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex Part 1

The beautiful Mermaid Inn, Rye.

The original Mermaid Inn was built in the 12th Century, it was rebuilt in 1420, with further alterations done in the Tudor times. At that time Rye was a sea port and the Inn was used by the notorious Hawkhurst Gang of Smugglers. The Inn is situated on the cobbled Mermaid Street, once the main street of the town, which leads down past the Mermaid to what was once the port. Many important people have stayed here, including Queen Elizabeth 1 and Johnny Depp!!

Looking down Mermaid Street, so pretty, although the cobbles are hard to walk on!

Mermaid Street, I took this photo by leaning out of our bedroom window :)

The Mermaid sign again, this time in silhouette.

As I mentioned in my last blog my husband and I spent the night in the Hotel a couple of weeks ago, and had a wonderful, very restful time there.

The front entrance for the pack horses and carts, leading through to the back of the Inn.

The back of the building, with a lovely terrace, the doorway to the Giants Fireplace Bar is on the right, just above the statue.

The famous poem by Rudyard Kipling painted on the wall of the Hotel.

The photos in this blog were taken over a number of years showing the outside of the building, the next blog will show the interior. I have so many photos taken over the years, it has been really hard to chose which ones to include.

One of the Mermaid statues, this one just next to the entrance to the terrace.

Beautiful roses climbing up the back of the building.

Looking through to Mermaid Street from the back of the building.

The side entrance to the Hotel, the building on the right of this photo is used for functions, I would think this would be a fabulous place to have a wedding reception.

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