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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex, Part 2

The entrance hallway looking down to the Giant's Fireplace Bar.
Entering the Mermaid Inn is like walking into another age, it is a beautiful building and a wonderful place to stay for one night or more. As I said in my last blog we were lucky enough to spend a night in the Inn last month, but the first time we stayed there was in 1979, when we had a few days honeymoon there :)

And looking back to the front door.

There are a number of staircases in the Inn, this is the one that we had to go up to get to our room. You can just see the Dining Room on the left of the photo. 

Rows of bottles in the Giants Fireplace Bar.
This lovely building is steeped in history, you can just imagine the Hawkhurst Gang of Smugglers sitting round the fire in the photo below, plotting their next 'run' of illegal goods whilst enjoying a tankard of ale.

A lovely way to spend a chilly afternoon, just dreaming the hours away with a drink or two. We got really cosy in that corner, and were almost reluctant to move to go and get our dinner.

The Cherubs above the the Giants Fireplace,

....and the fire itself :D

This amazing painting of Elizabeth I is painted on the panelling in the hall just outside the Giants Fireplace Bar.

Dr. Syn's Chamber, named after the famous Dr Syn books by Russell Thorndike, this 'chamber' is a Lounge for the residents.

Two views of Dr Syn's Chamber.

Looking out of the window to the other half of the building, which is used for functions.

Another very comfortable Residents Lounge.

A Mermaid statue in the fireplace of the Linen Fold Restaurant.

Above and below are some photos of the gorgeous Restaurant, the food is excellent here, and it is a real treat to eat in such lovely surroundings.

Paintings on the walls of the Restaurant.

The Linen Fold panelling in the Restaurant.

A hunting scene.

The Mermaid water feature in the tiny central court.

This was our room for our mini break, gorgeous, we had a good nights sleep here :)

The fireplace adorned with a lovely painting.

Our room was at the front of the building, overlooking Mermaid Street, which I loved. 

And finally, just two of the saying which can be found on the walls in various places in the Inn.

If ever you find yourself in Rye, do go and find the Mermaid and treat yourselves to a bar meal in the Giants Fireplace Bar, I think you will thoroughly enjoy the visit. 

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