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Friday, 20 July 2018

Beijing, Jingshan Park, Part 1

Jingshan Park lies directly to the north of The Forbidden City, covering 57 acres. As with all Beijing Parks it is a lovely place to visit, beautifully looked after, and very much enjoyed by visitors and locals. The main attraction of this park is the man made hill in the centre of the park, which at one time was the highest point in Beijing, which gives the most amazing views over the Forbidden City. .

The park is filled with wonderful plants, the Peonies were all in bloom when we were there, as were the tulips.

Beautiful blooms, peony above and tulips below :)

The parks in Beijing do not close early, I am sure this lamp lit up would have looked beautiful, I would like this in my garden....:)

Tulips planted in swathes made a gorgeous sight.

I love peonies :)

Walking through the Park heading for the central artificial hill, 'Jingshan' which literally means 'Prospect Hill', this hill is sometimes also known a 'Coal Hill'.

Gorgeous buildings everywhere, I never got tired of seeing these beautiful buildings, this one was not open to the Public.

We climbed to the top of Jingshan, which you will see in the next blog, walking back on our way out of the park it was getting towards dusk, we could see this area lit up with the last of the sun as we thought. We were wrong, the Peony Garden was being lit up in various colours, which made a spectacular sight. 




and Green :)

Up to the top of Jingshan in the next blog :)

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