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Saturday, 2 October 2010

My first blog here after Windows Live...

I have spent  the last few days sorting out my page here to see what I can and can't do especially regarding the gadgets. I haven't given Wordpress a go yet, and I am not sure if I will be giving it a go. I like to share my pictures and think Blogger may be the best place to do this, but I suppose only time will tell. I still have to figure out how to add pictures to my blog, so will keep this one short and sweet.....Oooh it worked :)


  1. Wow Poppy, what a sight for sore eyes, and mine are green, you've really made your site beautiful and interesting, I don't think I'll be spending any more time messing around with W Press, as you can't do interesting and original things with it on this scale, It's what I dreaded missing about WLS I loved changing 'the look' so well done Poppy and many thanks for your comment on my blog, catch you later, got other peepl to catch up on.

  2. I am with Arlene, Blogger does seem to be more suitable for us to do what we are used to doing.
    And wow, what a lovely site you have nestled yourself into here. Very cosy, thats what WP does not seem to be. Anne.

  3. Hi Poppy, you seem to have sorted out a pretty good looking blog quickly over here.

  4. Hi Poppy found you your page looks lovely well done I think I am inclined to agree with , blogspot is better of the two. I get a bit mixed up WP. Sheila x

  5. You can show off your photos/pictures etc in a Wordpress blog exactly the same as on here Poppy, use Live Writer to simplify it if you want to, and insert a photo into your post. Or take a look at my Wordpress photo blog at http://technogransnaps.wordpress.com where I am showing off the excellent Slideshow and Gallery on there. Yes, it does take some setting up, but I can help you on my other blog on Wordpress if you need it.
    Blogger is a nice platform but you can't have a slideshow on here nor can you have Pages that take you elsewhere in a Menu. They both have their good points and their bad

  6. Hi Poppy I managed to find you via Arlene Enjoyed the Blogs.