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Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Hobby!

I have taken up making jewellery, its a long story but this evening I made my first piece. My sons friend has a birthday coming up so I thought I would try to make a bracelet for her to save a bit of money. I am quite pleased with the result, so watch this space, because I think this could be a consuming hobby (Oh no, not another one!!!)


  1. That is rather nice Poppy, I'm sure you'll get a few orders once folks see it,keep us updated with any more. It's nice and colourful which is what I like.

  2. Hi Val...love the bracelet, as Arlene says, it's very colourful...which I like, too.

    I haven't worked out how to do anything over here, yet, so bear with me...

  3. This is very pretty Poppy I love these very colourful. Trying to follow you but it won't let me at present. See you later and I will try again Hugs Sheilax