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Friday, 8 October 2010

St Thomas’ Hospital Sandwich

Hopefully this will be a near normal blog, I am still finding out things here, and I am very pleased to see Technogran is one of my followers now, as I shall be using her hints and tips a lot I am sure :)

I am using Live Writer, so I hope this all comes out as it should!

St Thomas’ Hospital in Sandwich is one of 3 hospitals set up in Medieval times to provide Alms to pilgrims and poor people, today there are two of these hospitals still fulfilling their original function. St. Thomas’ Hospital is a beautiful building providing sheltered housing for old people in Sandwich. It proudly boasts the date 1392 above the door.


I had to go round to the hospital for work purposes, and of course I always carry my camera. so business done I took just a few minutes to take some snaps. The entrance to the Hospital is through a wonderful gate, it must be a lovely place to live. I hope you have enjoyed the photos, there will be more very soon. I wish everyone a very happy weekend, I have to work all day tomorrow so I bet the weather will be lovely!!!

IMG_9136B   IMG_9140A 



Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. Lovely building and yes, it would be a lovely place to live.
    I bet people still lingered at those doors worrying about loved ones admitted and trusting the doctors of the time to make them well all those many years ago. You can almost see the ghosts of them milling around if you look hard enough.

  2. This is lovely Poppy what a place to live wonder what its like inside...The grounds are kept good and the flowers round by the side of the door. Thank you for sharing , I know you daid you were working but have a lovely weekend the weather is lovely at the moment. Hugs Sheila , oh and thanks for popping by.

  3. What a lovely building - looks like it could have another 600 years left in it.

  4. HI there Poppy, lovely to see you.. and lovely too, to see your photo's . Those benches look so inviting that I'd like to park myself and sit to contemplate on my next story ..lol!!... History seems to be there, shining through, hugging the old stone of the building. xPenx

  5. Hi Poppy, thankyou for the lovely comments on my site, great to see you on blogger, your new sites looking fantastic.

  6. What beautiful buildings, I lost your blog but now that I've found it again I'll be back, off to bed, way past my bedtime as usual.!