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Sunday, 20 January 2013



Driving to work last week, it looked beautiful.

I really can’t believe we are already half way through January already, and I am just finding time to do a blog now! It has been a busy time here, no sooner do we get Christmas and New Year over before we hit my son’s birthday. This year Joe was 18, he had a celebration weekend as his birthday fell on a Sunday. For two evenings we had a number of teenagers round here, they were all really good and we had two fun evenings Smile


My son Joe is top left, my daughter Alice is bottom right, I am in the red jumper Smile

The month started on a good note weather wise, New Years Day was very bright and sunny, and it seemed that everyone had decided to walk along the Promenade at the same time as we did. It was lovely to see so many families out and about on the first day of the year. The sailing club was out in force, I love seeing the multi-coloured sails just off shore.


New Years Day



Since then we have had rain, more rain then snow last week which has hung around waiting for todays persistent snow fall…at the moment I think we have about 10cm and it has been snowing all day.


My garden earlier in the week


This morning I went for a walk, to the local cemetery of all places, at my daughters suggestion. It was actually really nice in there, with the snow covering the trees, but I have to say there were some strange people in there, so I did not stay very long!!


In the cemetery this morning.



I then walked up on to the seafront, which was not a good idea, as there was a strong wind and grey skies, so I headed home and have spent the rest of the day snuggled up in front of a lovely log fire.


Houses near to us.



Finally a few icicles hanging from one of our window boxes.


  1. What a lovely family you have! You can sure tell which one's are your kids they look just like you. Do you think your kids look more like you or their dad? I forgot where you live, you sound like you're from the UK. (I'll have to check your profile after this and see.) As a kid, I used to love to hang out and walk around our cemetery. Did you run into some homeless people in the cemetery? Enjoyed meeting your family and your pictures very much. Now it's your turn to write a new blog, tag!

  2. Lovely Family Val I can see the Likeness ..
    Great pictures the Icicles are so pretty .
    Hope the New Year is a Good one for you
    Hugs Sheila x