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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Mermaid Inn, Rye

This year my sister in law had a very important birthday, she decided that it would be nice if we all met up and had lunch somewhere. as it was a very important birthday, we felt we ought to go somewhere really nice. My husband came up with the suggestion of The Mermaid in Rye, which we all thought was a great idea Smile

Rye is roughly half way between us and my sister in law, so on the nearest Saturday to the birthday we met in Rye and took a leisurely stroll to the hotel.

The beautiful Dining Room

The Mermaid Inn is quite simply beautiful. The original Inn was built on the site in about 1156, in 1377 during a raid by the French the building was destroyed by fire, and was rebuilt in 1420. Rye is built on a hill and at one time it was much closer to the sea, over the centuries the harbour has silted up, and the town of Rye is now some way from the sea, although the River Rother still flows round the bottom of the town.

Here we all are, well fed Open-mouthed smile

Back to our lunch..we had a beautiful meal in fantastic surroundings, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the gorgeous dining room. My sister in law really felt that we had celebrated her birthday in style, and I have hinted that it would suit me very well when I have a big birthday…next year!!


  1. What a Beautiful place Poppy, fantastic shots here. I can almost feel as though I am with you.
    That will be a great place to have your special Birthday.
    Enjoy your Weekend
    Sheila xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos Sheila, I hope you enjoy your weekend too :) x

  2. What a super looking old pub Val, was it a 21st birthday ? :-) love the photos , you let us really capture the feel of the place, The Americans would give their eye teeth to have places like that, aren't we lucky.

    1. Thanks Arlene, glad you enjoyed the photos :) I think my sister in law wishes it was a 21st Birthday!!!! I agree we are very lucky in this country with all the fantastic buildings we have, I recently found a gorgeous medieval chapel in Canterbury which I will do a blog about in the New Year. Hope you are having a good weekend :) xx